Mally Francis FLS

Mally Francis
Botanical Art Tutor

Mally holds regular courses in her studio for three ten week terms each year with three groups per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, each group being of 10-12 students, some of whom have been attending for 15 years. She also holds 4 and 5 day courses for those who live too far away to attend weekly.

The courses are structured to allow everyone to receive a thorough grounding in the art of botanical painting. The skills range is immense but there is no competition in the classes as everyone can work at their own pace. Mally has a substantial library of botanical/painting books and a microscope for those who really want to know their subject in minute detail. 

A list of recommended art materials is supplied to newcomers, but there is no need to buy the whole lot immediately as Mally can often provide certain items if necessary to get people started. She also offers taster days to those who are considering whether it is the right course for them. Painting themes and subjects can be supplied or students can bring their own.

Tea/coffee/biscuits are provided and students bring their own lunch on the regular courses. A catered lunch is provided each day on the 4 and 5 day courses.

Mally Francis

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